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What is the Screw Conveyor? What are the Screw Conveyor Types and Working Principles?

Screw conveyors used in the field of mechanical conveying are generally considered to have a difficult use. However, Screw conveyor are actually among the most economical methods you can use in the field of transportation. When considering the cost, the screw conveyosr is not preferred much in the places where there is a long distance.

What should be considered when buying a dosing valve?

Different products are preferred according to the usage capacity and efficiency of such systems, which are generally preferred according to their usage areas. Recently, it seems that such systems are preferred in the selection process with different characteristics. At the same time, depending on the characteristics of the places of use, the frequent use of

Why Is Flow Control Gate Preferred By?

In various industrial areas and enterprises where material flow is provided, these kinds of are used in order to control the flow proportionally. According to the produced drive system or drum system, it is possible to use different valves. Especially in order to quickly fulfill the industrial goals needed recently, these kinds of products are

What is an Air Slide?

Air slide is used in the transport of products such as lime, cement and ash along with pneumatic transport techniques. It consists of two different parts: porous air tape cloth and separated air slide. Low-pressure air is fed, and this quality of the lower section also provides convenience in the areas of use.  Especially in

Air Slide Production

Air slide is used to transport products such as cement, aluminum, gypsum and fly ash powder for various purposes. The air slide system consists of two systems separated by an airband cloth. Tape systems have a certain capacity. This capacity is achieved through carrier equipment and chassis. It has a sealed body and has a


In industrial plants and companies, the systems are used for sampling raw materials with a powder and granular structure at certain time intervals are called samplers. According to the physical properties of the substance to be sampled, conveyor belt or air belt pouring systems are applied. The physical and chemical properties of the substance to

What is a Sampler and what does it do?

Thanks to the wide range of possibilities provided by technology, it is a convenient device that allows taking samples from granular floors (sand and pebble-weighted grounds) without disturbing, unchanged texture, the natural conditions of the land, on the land to be used for industrial purposes. The sampler is used by the manufacturer and persons at

Kinetrol is Represented by Mor Endüstri in Turkey

In order to maintain our country’s developing industrial systems as a full-fledged, it is important that foreign investors participate in the business. For such reasons, as well as the domestic production of various industrial products, it is important to market quality ones domestically. In order to ensure these types of industrial production, the presentation of

What is Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valve? Where to use it?

Pneumatic actuators are important for plants. It is preferred among actuators for reliable and high-speed operation. There may also be explosive substances in the environment in where they are used. Pneumatic actuators are one of the most simple and comfortable actuator systems for opening and closing systems. Unlike other actuators, they work by directing air