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Kinetrol was established as a firm of control engineers in 1958. Initially the company’s activities were based on its damping expertise which led to the development of Kinetrol’s rotary viscous dashpots for smooth motion control.

Kinetrol later invented and patented its vane-type rotary pneumatic actuator, recognising the emerging need for quarter-turn valve and mechanism actuation. Since then, the company has added many actuator control modules to meet the growing demand for more precise and sophisticated process control and monitoring.

Kinetrol operates from three sites in Farnham, England, and exports at least 70% of sales to countries all over the world.

Kinetrol has full inspection and test facilities and operates a rigorous quality control programme which includes 100% testing of actuators and dashpots before despatch. The company’s quality system is approved by the British Standards Institute to ISO 9000. Quality is built into Kinetrol’s products by active choice in every part of the company.

Mor Endustri Ltd. KINETROL as Turkey continues its competent authority is the sole distributor and activities. Our company, Mor Endüstri started to work with experts on pneumatic actuator, control units and various projects and applications in 2011 as Kinetrol Turkey. If you need any assistance for Kinetrol products, you can directly contact us via email or our other social channels to Mor Endüstri as Kinetrol Turkey.


General Specifications

Product Categories

Kinetrol Applications

Operation or positioning of ball, butterfly, plug and control valves, ventilation dampers and automatic doors. Uses also include movement and positioning of components during manufacture – in fact anything that needs to be turned through 90° or less, automatically or by remote control.

The KINETROL range includes:

Pneumatic actuators
Electro-hydraulic actuators
Actuators for 180°
Limit switch boxes
Manual fail safe levers
Rotary dampers (Dashpots)

According to the customer needs, our experts can help to make your projects better. Please contact Mor Endüstri Ltd – Kinetrol Turkey.