What is ATEX Certificate? What Does ATEX Certificate Do?

Explosive and flammable materials can be found in many industrial facilities. Various precautions should be taken against any explosion and fire possibility for working and occupational safety. The ATEX certificate is an internationally valid certificate proving that these measures have been taken.

The articles of this certificate primarily contain some rules and precautions to prevent a possible explosion. There are also articles about what to do if an explosion occurs. The word comes from French and means explosive atmospheres. It is mandatory to obtain this certificate in places where all kinds of explosive and flammable materials are produced or found.

Explosive Protection Document

Workplaces wishing to obtain ATEX certification must first prepare a document containing some precautions to protect against explosives and the rules of which are specified in the official gazette. To prepare this document, the conditions of the factory or facility are arranged. First of all, a prohibited area is determined in the facility. How much this region will spread depends on the production conditions and various characteristics.

All explosive substances in the facility and their different properties are determined and transferred to the document. The map of the prohibited zone is removed and added to the document. This document and ATEX certificate are mandatory for every place where different chemicals are found, produced or transferred, especially at gasoline and natural gas filling stations.

Who Prepares the ATEX Certificate?

Security is the primary problem in all businesses. Safety has a very important point, especially in places where flammable and explosive materials are present. The technical measures to be taken and what needs to be done to ensure safety can only be done by a competent and professional company. According to the latest laws on this subject, all requirements must be fulfilled.

The company that will prepare for this will need various equipment. A company that fully provides this equipment and is professional in this regard can prepare the certificate and determine whether any facility is suitable for this. In addition, it can also do what is necessary for the completion of deficiencies and new measures to be taken. A place with explosive or flammable material cannot be operated without obtaining a certificate.