What is Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator?

Generally, actuators operating with compressed air or various gases are called pneumatic actuators. Actuators, have a very important function in the chemical industry and automation applications, are divided into electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. According to the different characteristics of the application, the correct product should be selected.

Pneumatic actuators are one of the most advantageous choices due to the low operating cost and the fact that they are also very effective in terms of time and speed. These actuators are available in three different varieties. Rotary type, Rock and Pinion type and Scotch Yoke type are pneumatic actuators. Reliable, durable and extremely lightweight are among the most important advantages of these actuators.

Single or Double Acting Pneumatic Actuators

The most important features of pneumatic actuators are that they can be turned off in a very emergency situation, there is no opening and closing problem, they can be operated even in explosive atmospheres, and low cost and reliability. If a pneumatic actuator is single-acting, it opens or closes according to a spring system.

If a single-acting pneumatic actuator is operated while it is in a closed state, it immediately switches to open via spring system. If it is open, the actuator becomes closed again. If there are no changes and run, they are either closed or open. The spring inside of these actuators allow them to pass into different situations. Double-acting pneumatic actuators have different inputs than single-acting ones.

What is Double Acting Actuator?

A double-acting pneumatic actuator is operated by giving air to the different inlets. If the system starts to operate by opening the valve with compressed air supplied from one of the inlets, the system is shut down with the air supplied from the other. The most important structural feature of a pneumatic actuator is air evacuation. Torque values are determined by the difference between a piston and air pressure.

Double-acting pneumatic actuators that can be operated with different torque values are very advantageous compared to others in terms of operating speed and efficiency. If an effective and reliable system is required and there are explosives in the working environment, these actuators should definitely be preferred. These actuators, which can be operated with air pressure, require much less cost and maintenance.