What is FM Approved?

FM approval system is a technical system that gives performance approval for the operation of the materials and systems used by the FMI company, which insures against special and large risks, and works independently. For example, FM approval is also noticeable on fire pumps. Additionally, this approval is taken into consideration in line with the criteria called NFPA 20 and the approval is given according to these criteria.

In some cases, there may be situations where NFPA 20 criteria are missing or not sufficient. FM approval in fire pumps is known as the quality approval, which is approved under the most difficult conditions and examined in detail, among the approvals given to other products.

What is FM Certificate? How To Get It?

Fire extinguishing systems have found an area of development with the renewal and strengthening of technology day by day. Additionally there are more than one institution and organization that determine the standards to be established in the product and provide control within this framework. This organization, which is called FM and stands for FactoryMutual, is an independent subsidiary of FactoryMutualInsurance, a company called FMI, which insures fire risks that may occur or may occur worldwide.

The main purpose of the establishment is to give safety approval to the materials by looking at the performance of all materials produced in fire systems and to ensure that they are put into active use. Firms that produce materials for fire systems inside the building are not completely finished when they receive the FM certificate. Trials and controls continue regularly after FM approval is obtained. They are subjected to routine trials and controls for a total of 4 times a year on the condition that they are every 3 months. Trials and controls are not seen as a simple process, and every stage is controlled extremely carefully and meticulously. Hard work is carried out in order to avoid the error rate. If even a small mishap is detected, the necessary warnings are given to correct it.

How Are FM Audits Conducted?

While conducting FM inspections, the inspection stages are started by asking some questions. The questions can be listed as follows. About the manufactured product;

  • What materials were used during production?
  • Analysis reports of the product are requested.
  • When did the product arrive and when was it started to be used?
  • From which supplier did the product come from?

The above information are asked. After the question phase is passed, 2 FM approved products are subjected to trials, taking into account the requirement to use different products in each inspection in order to test and trial. In this way, the maintenance and control of the products are ensured regularly.