What is Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve? Where to use it?

Actuators are mechanisms that are used with valves and convert the energy they use into mechanical energy to move some devices and objects. Actuators, which can be used in almost every field, are mostly used in the applications of automation systems and in the chemical industry. Pneumatic actuators work with air and gas pressure.

They are different from electric and hydraulic actuators. These pneumatic actuators, which are preferred in places where abrasive fluids  and explosive materials are worked, provide high efficiency and performance. Although they cost a little more in terms of installation cost, they are much more advantageous in terms of both operation and maintenance costs.

What is Ball Valve?

Actuators are used in the chemical industry to control some processes. Actuators use with ball and butterfly valves are connected to a valve according to which connection fluid they will be used. Ball valves made of stainless steel are among the most used valve types in the chemical industry. The places where fluids such as solvents and acids are used are the places where ball valves are used.

Ball valves made of PVC are also used where substances such as acid cannot corrode other than stainless steel. The ball valve is preferred according to the type of fluid in the chemical industry and the criteria of the place where it should be used. Temperature, pressure information and connection properties are also effective in the selection of this valve. Taking all this into account, a ball valve is selected.

What to Consider When Using Ball Valves?

One of the most important issues in the use of ball valves is the cleanliness of the fluid. Any foreign substance in the fluid may cause the valve to clog after a while. In order not to scratch the seals produced from teflon and used for the sealing feature of the ball valves, the fluid must be clean.

If there is a scratch on the seals, a problem may occur while opening and closing the valve. In such a case, you need to call the service. Places such as natural gas lines, chemical industry, food facilities, paper industry, heating and cooling lines are the areas where ball valves are used the most. The petrochemical industry is one of the places where pneumatic actuator ball valves are mostly used. The material and properties of the valve may vary depending on the sector in which it is used.