What is Slide Gate? Manual, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Slide Gate

Slide gates are used to control fluid substances. We can say that it has a lot of usage areas. Additionally, it is a product known for its blade valve function. A Slide Gate is placed inside the system. Thanks to these gates, the fluid is cut or released according to your preference.

It is preferred for the control of fluid substances by connecting to materials such as conveyors, bunkers and silos. While these fluid materials are transported in a place with vacuum and pressure, they become impermeable thanks to the slide gates. Slide gates are a product used in many sectors because they are not thick and do not take up much space. If you are looking for this kind of product, you can use a slide gate.

Advantages of Using Slide Gates

If you want to use your slide gates for a long time, you should choose the blade correctly. Additionally, when you use equipment with impermeable features, your slide gates will not lose its function. Slide gate do not have features that prevent the flow of the substance during use. Additionally, when you want to cut a product, you can use the slide gate in the form of a knife valve.

Manual slide gates are used in the maintenance and repair of materials such as rotary valves, screw conveyors and conveyor belts. You will get more efficiency when you use slide gates to control the flow of powders. One of the advantages of slide gates is that there are three types of valve connections, square, rectangular and circular. Thus, it provides you convenience in terms of use.

You can change the impermeable equipment in the slide gate whenever you want. You don’t need to worry about valve body options either. Slide gateis a product with various body options such as steel, cast iron, aluminum and construction. If your aim is to use it for food, a knife with a stainless steel body can be preferred.

Which Products Are Delivered Through Slide Gates?

Thanks to the slide gates, you can transfer materials suitable for your work area. For example, it is possible to convey cement. If you are working in the field of petrochemicals, slide gates are also very successful in the transmission of petrochemical products. You can also choose to use slide gates for overused products such as plastic. Many people use slide gates in these areas.

It is common to see that slide gates are mostly used in the food industry. Especially people who are engaged in agriculture transfer many food products such as wheat, barley, corn, starch and salt through the slide gates. If you are engaged in agriculture or run a food-related factory, you will be able to lighten a large part of your work intensity by using slide gates.