What Is The Dosing Valve Using For?

The dosing valve plays an important role to control the fuild. Dosing means adding a new substance to raw material. The dosing flap is a part used in many different places and control units according to its usage and purpose. Bunker and silo exits are among the places where valves are used the most.

Packaging machine factories are another place where dosing flap is used. Another facility where it is used is bulk loading. Dosing valves are needed to meet the energy needs in a much more efficient and qualified way. The valve flap is preferred in the weighing feeding devices as it offers various sizes.

Where is the Dosing System Used?

The dosing system can be used for any purpose in any facility. This flap controls the passage of any fluid. If a different substance other than the original raw material is to be added while producing a substance, a dosing process is required and this process is done with the help of a flap.

Dosing means determining the amount of the metarial passing through. Determining this is a very sensitive and important process. It requires a very fine measurement and evaluation. Therefore, the functions of dosing valves are very important.

Which Materials Are Dosing Valves Made Of?

Dosing valves can be made of different materials depending on the place of use. They include materials such as stainless steel, forged steel, ductile iron. This material can be changed according to the work to be done, the temperature and the pressure of the environment.

Advantages of Dosing Valve 

Not every valve may have a dosing flap. But the valves with this have several advantages. The first of these is that the damper can regulate the airflow. Another is that it ensures that the link does not bounce. A throttle is generally designed with a double shaft. This ensures that the pressure is reduced to a minimum and another advantage of the valves is low pressure.

All kinds of hot and cold water lines, different pipelines, water treatment plants, seawater applications and power plants are among the areas where the inlets are used. In addition, dosing valves play an important role in which substances are allowed to pass through the production facilities. Therefore, it has a very sensitive and delicate function.