Recruitment Steps


The directions you will see while filling the form will help you in which fields you need to fill in to apply. Do not hesitate to tell us about the areas where you can transfer your personal information and experiences.

2-Competency Evaluation

You can have one-to-one interviews with the human resources department and the business unit manager, and you can share your experiences in detail.

After the interviews, there are case studies adapted to the level of the position in order to observe the behaviors exhibited on the job.

Finally, a reference meeting is held with people who have worked together in the past.

3-Final Step

Business valuation methodology used to determine the size of the positions contained in the organizational structure of Mor Endüstri Ltd. – Kinetrol Turkey. The total salary package of positions is determined by looking at the results of global, local and sectoral market wage surveys.

Finally, candidates who have successfully completed the recruitment process will have got a job offer by human resource team of Mor Endüstri Ltd. – Kinetrol Turkey.