Pneumatic Actuators


What Is Pneumatic Actuator? 

Pneumatic actuator is an air operated actuating element. It can be used as single or double acting. Single-acting pneumatic actuators have a spring inside, so air is supplied to the actuator from a single point and its return is provided by a spring. Double acting rotary pneumatic actuators are supplied with air from both sides and movement in two directions is provided by air.

Double acting pneumatic actuators can be controlled proportionally or open-close by directing the air pressure. These actuators are designed for 90 degree operation as standard. 180 degree operation can be achieved by attaching specially designed equipment to Kinetrol pneumatic actuators.

Kinetrol pneumatic actuators can be used in all kinds of butterfly valves, ball valves, valves and similar applications.

Kinetrol Quarter Turn (Rotary) Pneumatic Actuators are designed to withstand maximum 10 bar air pressure, and they can be operated with 2-7 bar air pressure. Lower air pressure gives lower output torque. (See: Kinetrol Output Torque Values)

(See: Kinetrol Actuator Specifications)

Rotary Pneumatic Actuator Basics 

Kinetrol Rotary Pneumatic Actuators are more durable than their equivalents from their current design and material quality. Thanks to Kinetrol simply design, its pneumatic actuators offer much longer durability than rack and pinion gear pneumatic actuators. Since there is only one moving part inside of Kinetrol Pneumatic Actuator, the wear conditions and the need for maintenance are much less. We strongly suggest to use Kinetrol units in their most critical position in the plant to the users. Because we say that we will figure your problem out for sure.

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