Pneumatic Actuator

Actuators are the fundamental name of air driven systems. These types of systems, which are needed in various fields today, have different features. While the applications are being implemented, it may be necessary to use such equipment in the process of meeting the industrial needs of various facilities.

At the same time, these types of actuators can be used in more areas with different features. Basically, pneumatic actuators are generally produced on two types of standards, single or double acting. These types of products have important tasks in the control of mechanical fluids. At the same time, different companies that have proven themselves in the production of such products around the world come into the forefront with their qualified products.

Actuators and Specifications

In addition to their basic properties, these type of drive systems can be operate up to 90 degrees. On the other hand, supporting with various equipment, it is possible for these types of systems to work up to 180 degrees. These types of systems used on many valves have various features such as butterfly valves and ball valves. Nowadays, it is possible for such uses to come to the forefront.

It is possible to use such products in different places where needed. Besides, since the usage areas of actuators are generally industrial systems, they can be used at various current levels. Nowadays, these types of systems have prominent maintenance features, making them easier to maintain.

Different Pneumatic Actuator Systems

In general, rotary or linear systems, solutions that meet expectations come to the forefront in the process of meeting different needs. Production and sale of special products is possible. Besides, that kind of products and companies of production of them have important tasks on the process of production. Kinetrol products, a worldwide known brand, are qualified supplier of actuator products. Products of Kinetrol brand enable to reach more qualified solutions to more and users.