Valve Selection and Usage for Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are types of actuators working with compressed air and gases. According to the working principles, there are either linear or spherical ones. There are also a variety of double or single-acting actuators. Pneumatic actuator selection is made according to which area to be used. Valves are also one of the most important parts of pneumatic actuators.

To choice a valve for the actuator, the first thing that matters is what type of actuator should be selected for the valve. Valves determine how the air in the actuator is directed and are also known as directional valves. Another important point when choosing a directional valve is the question of what to do when the energy is given to the solenoid valve is cut off. A valve is chosen according to the answer to this question.

How to Check Valve?

Another important issue when choosing a valve for a pneumatic actuator is whether the valve requires remote control or not. The question of how to mount the valve is also important. Besides, solenoid valves are available in closed or open versions.

Although closed ones are generally chosen, this is another important question in valve selection. Solenoid valves also have parts called levers or ports. There are valves with 3, 4, or 5 types of levers. A valve should be selected according to where the pneumatic actuators will be used.

Signal and Connection Settings

Another important issue when choosing a valve for a pneumatic actuator is the question of what the signal voltage is. Also, it is an important question how many connection sizes should be in the solenoid valve. The body of the valve can be made of different materials. Depending on where it will be used, attention should be paid to what material the body of the valve is made of. It is best to choose this type of valve if a waterproof feature is required in the place to be used.

Another and very important issue is the question of how many degrees the solenoid valve should withstand. Finally, since a pneumatic actuator works with air pressure, attention is paid to the air pressure and temperature required for the valve. A competent and professional company can assist you in these matters and inform you on what you should choose the actuator and valve.