What is the actuator?

Recently, actuators are used for converting the energy by end users especially in various industrial facilities. One of these devices, the actuator, can convert the energy into motion energy. Nowadays, actuators, especially pneumatic actuators are used for kind of needs.

Depending on the areas of usage, it is possible to use electric or pneumatic type of actuators. In order to make high accuracy and efficient products, these kinds of actuators can be used at the same time. As a matter of fact, the actuators are being used so that we get the maximum efficiency from converting the energy in the industrial plants. Due to the recently increasing energy costs, using of these kind of  products has become widespread.

What is the fundamentals of the actuator?

Basically, parts of an actuator have a valve that provides movement, a volume where air is stored, a piston, a spring, etc. In that application, It can be demonstrated to have low and high pressure values. The parts using for converting the energy into the motion are preferred by industrial sectors. Nowadays, we can see that kind of products in many different sectors.

At the same time, using these products, qualified and high quality ones come into prominence and it is possible to use the products for a longer time and more efficiently. Thanks to actuators, we are able to use the energy efficiently.

What are the types of actuators?

Nowadays, actuators can come into prominence in different types. The usage areas of each type of actuator are different from each other. Various problems are solved as a result of the widespread usage actuators. Actuators are either linear or rotary type, depending on the type of motion created.

On the other hand, there are many types of actuators with features such as vane type or rack and pinion or scotch yoke. Nowadays, different types of such products are frequently used by customers in the process of performing different special energy conversions. At the same time, it is possible to meet industrial goals by achieving high efficiency with such possibilities of use. Nowadays, different actuators are offered to use in order to offer new solutions depending on different usage reasons.