Why Is Flow Control Gate Preferred By?

In various industrial areas and enterprises where material flow is provided, these kinds of are used in order to control the flow proportionally. According to the produced drive system or drum system, it is possible to use different valves. Especially in order to quickly fulfill the industrial goals needed recently, these kinds of products are often preferred. Flow control gate products are used in different brands and models in our country.

It is available to order different types of products in accordance with customer expectations. At the same time, such products can be used together with pneumatic systems or externally. These products are often used in drive systems with feedback. Nowadays, it is among the products needed by different customer groups.

Specification of Flow Control Gate

 Looking at its technical specifications generally, it seems that specific solutions to different customer needs come to the fore. Besides, different product models are can be used. In general, it is divided into two groups, pneumatic and motor reducer. In our country, the body and drum parts are usually produced with steel construction and used after extra strengthening.

 In our country, where the areas of usage are usually industrial facilities, this product can be supplied with 4-20 mA feedback. At the same time, it is possible to use between 0 degrees and 90 degrees as a position for these products. There are solutions tailored to the different needs of different facilities.

Usage Areas Of Flow Control Gate

It is seen that such products are used in many different parts of plants. For example, in silo or bunker exits, using of such products are preferred as proportional type. In addition, it is possible to implement a more efficient conclusion by using such products in the packaging machine feeding unit.

In addition to its use in bulk loading plants, such products are used in multiply weighbridge bulk loading. It often comes to the fore as a tape weigher feeding unit. Today it is used in various plants needed by industry. At the same time, such products are found at the beginning of the efficient work of the plants. You can also use these kinds of products to get maximum efficiency for your plants. In general, flow control gate serves as the dosing valve. In addition to the dosing valve, it can also be seen as an open-closed valve.