Air Slide Production

Air slide is used to transport products such as cement, aluminum, gypsum and fly ash powder for various purposes. The air slide system consists of two systems separated by an airband cloth. Tape systems have a certain capacity. This capacity is achieved through carrier equipment and chassis. It has a sealed body and has a cloth with high airtightness.

Low energy needs are met when producing materials with small flow rates and tonnages. In a low-cost system, production speed and capacity increase due to low maintenance and service costs. This service, which is determined at a low investment cost, has a specific capacity and cost of expenses. For easy maintenance and repair, it must have a compact design and its systems must work according to a specific order. The advanced performance of the technology in the band system is very important.

Technological Manufacturing System

Technological advances and air slide production systems are very precious. With its establishment purpose and unchanged line, the brand choices preferred by the plants, especially cement factories, are important. As long as the design, manufacture, supply and installation of equipment are engaged, successful results can be achieved. Dust retention in the technological manufacturing system Silicon, bag type emission fittings, gas and piping lines, electrostatic filter materials, dispatch lines, rotary kiln locations work according to a certain order and system and play a role in the technological manufacturing process. 

Air Slide Working Principle

Systems that include mechanisms for transporting and transferring materials such as cement to the center by belt system are very successful. (?) It creates the air slide system by working with various equipment. It is formed by the combination of systems whose working principle operates according to a certain order. 

Any change and any malfunction in the system cause damage to the entire system. As the working principle of each machine is smooth, these parts and systems must work according to a certain order.