In industrial plants and companies, the systems are used for sampling raw materials with a powder and granular structure at certain time intervals are called samplers. According to the physical properties of the substance to be sampled, conveyor belt or air belt pouring systems are applied. The physical and chemical properties of the substance to be sampled are determined. Sampling technique and sampling frequency vary according to the systems used. Sample materials determined according to their physical properties are divided among themselves.

Sampler Systems According to the Characteristics

Sampler systems are classified as products that will meet the specified goals and services. Before using sample machines, always check whether they are clean. After using, sampling equipment according to special instructions must be cleaned and made ready for use for subsequent sampling systems. Samples classified according to physical properties are divided into three: sampling from liquids, sampling from solids in the form of dust or grains, sampling from gases.

Sampling from liquids is provided through some tools. Sampling from liquids is carried out by plunging the piston into pumps, immersion vessels, pipettes, scoops and sampling. Dust or grain-shaped solids are taken by means of spear-tipped sample receivers, tube-type sample receivers, sampling probes, sampling trowels, spiral sample receivers, frozen sample receivers. Sampling from gases occurs through metal cylinder sampling receivers, a nominal pressure cylinder or inlet and outlet insulated valves.

Conditions Of Sampling Equipment

During sampling, samples are taken to serve the purposes of determining the physical and chemical properties of the samples. Sampling equipment are divided among themselves. Samplers have some conditions. The sampler must be robust enough to withstand the processes to be applied according to the passing fluid material. It should be easy to clean and maintain. There must be systems in accordance with safety conditions. In this way, sample systems are separated and sampling is provided.