How To Choose Pneumatic Actuator? What Are The Advantages Of a Pneumatic Actuator?

Pneumatic systems can be used in many areas. As a short description, these systems are mechanical systems that can work with compressed air or various gases. The most basic feature of pneumatic systems is that air and gases can be changed and controlled. Plug-ins such as valves in the systems allow the pressure to be controlled. In addition, thanks to the control valves in the system, pressure can be directed to the applied air and this air can be transmitted to the equipment. In order to control the air, the system also has valves to control the direction. Finally, the most basic feature of pneumatic systems is control mechanism.

Why Has The Pneumatic Actuator Advantage?

The most important advantage of pneumatic actuators is that they can operate without the need for electrical energy. Operating speeds are much faster than other actuators. Besides, another advantage is about quite low-cost care. They are also preferred because they have a very durable and lightweight structure. Economically, they are much more reliable and effective than other actuators. Another important advantage is that they can be operated in almost any environment, including explosive environments. Finally, pneumatic actuators can also be used as shut-off actuators in very emergency situations during operation. According to the application type and other characteristics, the choice of the actuator should be made depending on different criteria. However, in general terms, pneumatic actuators are considered to have important advantages.

How to Choose an Actuator?

There are some points to consider while choosing the actuator used in automation technologies. First, the nature, characteristics and cost of the work are taken into account. Installing a pneumatic actuator at work can cost much more than electric and hydraulic actuators. But the important thing is that the cost of continuing the work, the cost of operating pneumatic actuators is also quite low compared to others. Because these actuators process together with the compressor. If noise is an important factor, they are slightly more noisy than electric actuators. But if the issue is an economical operating system, pneumatic actuators should definitely be chosen. Pneumatic actuators are also divided into several groups among themselves, these details can be decided according to the nature of the application. It is important to get help from a professional and competent company in this regard. The required torque is determined in the equipment to be used when selecting the pneumatic actuator. According to this determined torque value, an authorized pneumatic actuator supplier may request the appropriate model selection.